Goals and Strategies

Goals and Strategies

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Goal 1: To increase the student reading by a minimum of one grade level.

Strategy: Middle and High School teachers will attend Division Literacy PD and arrange for a follow-up meeting with Janette Cavanaugh, Division Principal of Literacy for additional feedback.

Goal 2: To ensure that all students learn at grade level or higher in mathematics.

Strategy: We will send an elementary lead to a Math Daily 3 workshops approved by NSD and start a pilot in that classroom.  The numeracy initiative will begin after a PD workshop has been hosted by committee members.

Goal 3: To continue to add programming and engage staff, students, and parents in High School Redesign.

Strategy: BWS will work with Central Office to bring important representatives from the parent body and the staff to explore High School Redesign and how it can best be implemented at BWS.

Goal 4: Create a welcoming, caring respectful, safe and healthy learning and working environment that respects diversity and fosters a sense of belonging.

Strategy: The school will organize meetings between the school and the Fort McMurray First Nations Community members by hosting meetings about Land-based Learning and partnership opportunities at the Quonset on the Reserve.  This will allow better participation, improve relations and drive our Land-based Learning programming.

Goal 5: To increase the opportunities for students to participate in land-based learning activities.

Strategy:  BWS will implement weekly LBL option blocks for grade 10-12 students for a half day every Friday.  This will be supplemented with weekly excursions on the land.