PALs- Playground Activity Leaders 2018-19

Who are P.A.L.s?

From back left: Creighton, Emma, Beth, Callie, Cameron, Kadryn and Heather( trainer). Front Row from left: Maryjo, Karley an Ally upon completion of the PALS training.

At Anzac we promote the P.A.L.S. program which encourages all children to participate in activities regardless of their gender, size, or ability. 

Students from Ms. Reck's grade 4/5 class showing strong listening and leadership skills were selected to participate in a training session which was held in late November.

There are three objectives of the program:

1. to increase physical activity,

2. to decrease conflict and reduce the incidence of playground bullying,

3. to provide a leadership opportunity for students.

Heather Rumball the Fit for Life Programmer at Keyano College - Syncrude Sport Centre came to BWS in mid-November to train Ms. Reck as well as some of her class to implement the program.

Students in grades 4 and 5 are trained to act as playground activity leaders for younger students. These students will plan and lead fun and safe activities on the playground.  Check out Anzac School Playground Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12:15- 12:45.

Thank you P.A.L.S for pitching in to make our playground a more engaging and safe place to play!